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Do you want to import/export?

Develop and create your own distribution channel

CENTER GROUP has the solution to your problems. We provide reliable services to companies seeking to develop their own distribution channels in all or any of the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Mexico, United States.

Our company has a wide array of options and tailored services for each export project, all of which can be ultimately used to open your own company in any of the aforementioned markets. Some of these services include advice on market research, and negotiations with public agencies for product registrations (or any other required registrations).

Other services provided once your company has developed its own distribution channel include the possibility of managing parts or the entire operation remotely through our infrastructure.

This service is available to companies aiming or already exporting to any or all of the markets where our company operates.

It is important to note that the entry of a new product to any market cannot be done without prior information. CENTER GROUP has the means and the experience to successfully enter MERCOSUR, NAFTA, Asia-Pacific and the EU.

Servicios específicos en: Argentina Australia Brazil Spain Mexico USA