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Our company is part of Center Group® Global, which started operations in Argentina and Brazil in 1990, offering consulting and assistance services in foreign trade. It was through seminars that promoted trade between these two nations, that Center Group became well known and established its international know-how reputation, while promoting the growth of the company.

In 1993, a market study concluded that the best way to sell to the Brazilian market was directly from Brazil (this conclusion holds to this day). It was then, that Center Group initiated its current business model, denominated "Opening of self-owned distribution channels" with the opening its first Argentinean company in the Brazilian market service sector.

In 2000, as a result of demand from existing clients, Center Group expanded its operations into new markets. These markets were Spain, the United States, and Mexico where the company established itself almost immediately as a solution for companies and/or investors, who wanted to gain access to these countries.

To this day, Center Group has set up more than 150 companies around the world, while becoming an information and opinion source for four of the most recognized Argentinean newspapers ( El Cronista, Infobae, Clarín and La Nación). Center Group is also a correspondent for more than 10 radio stations, some of which are: Radio-Rivadavia, Mitre, Continental, Belgrano, América and UNO.

We currently have offices in 6 countries covering 4 continents. Our most recently opened office is located in Australia (2009). This latest opening offers our customers new options for internationalization in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing areas in the world, the Asia-Pacific market.