Seminars and commercial missions

There are no seminars or commercial missions planned at this time; however, we are constantly preparing such events. In this section you will find information published about the seminars or any other related event. These may also be found in our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.


Our company frequently organizes seminars with the participation of experts from different fields of expertise. At Center Group, we believe that transmitting knowledge adds value to our clients, and our seminars speakers share the experience gathered from each of the markets where we operate.

Commercial Missions

Commercial Missions are important marketing tools that allow domestic entrepreneurs to explore international markets.

Through partners, such as local and international chambers of commerce, Center Group is constantly uniting groups of exporters with potential buyers and distributors, which also serves as basis for future business.

Participants in the commercial missions have a specific set of scheduled meetings which are based on the company's profile and the possibilities of the company's product in the destination market.