Published books

Brazil setting foot while avoiding the pitfalls
How to export to Brazil (only available in Spanish)

This book covers Brazil's internal logic of economics and its political system, its culture and its customs, its problems and possibilities, these are all essentials for any entrepreneur who wants to compete in this market.

It starts with basic issues such as territory preparation and the Brazilian scenario, a market that has continental dimensions and multicultural characteristics; the reader is guided in a practical way on how to export to Brazil. The book also covers aspects such as import taxes and export payments while it describes the characteristics of the Brazilian banking system and its payment instruments.

The book finishes by addressing the way in which a company can be established in that market and some strategies or alternatives for that process.

Practical Handbook of Foreign Trade (only available in Portuguese)

Practices resulting from market globalization have led to fundamental changes in the ways we deal with business and governments, especially with regard to international trade. This economic and trade integration has proved its importance over time, developing economies and offering better living conditions for people in many countries.

This book provides a comprehensive and practical view of international trade, its many forms and its impact on both the professional and academic environments. The authors - professors, academics and professionals from all areas of foreign trade in Brazil - emphasize basic concepts, adopting an approach that could facilitate the study of the discipline, especially for foreign trade studies and for the practical application of each concept in a business environment.

The books' chapters account for the perspective, vision, understanding and development of the skills necessary to manage excellence and are divided as follows: Introduction to international trade, basic definitions, Incoterms, currency and exchange rates, international logistics, accounting and foreign trade, tariff regimes, international negotiations and fundamentals of international trade law.

HELP ... I want to export – A guide for SMEs/SMBs seeking to export (only available in Spanish)

The books' authors aim to explain, in the simplest way, the steps necessary to develop an export business "transforming a company that exports into an actual export company."

It is divided into 14 chapters that will help us through this learning / migration process to an exporting company, the book begins with the importance of exports for one's own country, the basic considerations for exporting, the competitiveness of your business and the identification of target markets.

The book continues in a very structured way through the internal aspects of the company such as finances and how to improve them. Other aspects such as the establishment of an export price and how to collect on an export invoice are well described in following chapters.

The effect of the Internet in the export process is a factor to which the authors attach great importance together with international trade shows, business rounds and the development of self-owned distribution channels.

The book finishes by recommending the reader not to worry about the future but to instead help to build it with the advice provided earlier in this work.